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Fingerprint hand gun safes are one of the best safes made to protect your handgun for many reasons. They use your fingerprints instead of keys or combination locks, and these mechanisms are better because there are no worries about losing your keys, getting them stolen, or forgetting your combination. This prevents your children from getting into your safe, or thieves from stealing your valuables. In most cases, a thief will look at a fingerprint safe and totally avoid it because of all the hassles involved with trying to open it.

However, because you are reading this, you probably already know what the benefits are of owning a biometric handgun safe, whether you will be using it as pistol safe or for data and valuable documents. What you are probably more interested in knowing is which gun safes are the best. While each person's tastes and needs are different, there are just some models that have more features and benefits than others. GunVault is currently the industry leader for ease of access biometric handgun safes.

GunVault MicroVault Biometric

MVB500 - GunVault MicroVault Biometric


GunVault Mini Biometric

GVB1000 - GunVault Mini Biometric


GunVault Multi Safe Biometric

GVB2000 - GunVault Multi Safe Biometric



One of the most versatile and reliable fingerprint safe models is the GunVault Multi Safe Biometric version. The Multi Safe utilizes one of the most sophisticated fingerprint recognition softwares of any make or model. But beyond the brains it has the brawn too. Like all GunVault safes the Multi Safe Biometric model has a steel housing, this particular model is solid16 gauge steel and is lined with fire resistant foam. It features a spring loaded door that is recessed and tamper proof. In addition features a high speed algorithm which can quickly and easily identify a number of programmed fingerprints. It also has an extremely low false accept rate, false rejection rate, and is self learning. This constantly updates, adding slight changes in programmed fingerprints. In other words, as you grow older, or have things happen, your fingerprint is going to change slightly. Lines grow a little longer, you might cut yourself and develop a scar, and the safe can automatically adjust to these changes. This safe can handle up to thirty different sets of fingerprints, more than enough for you, or wife's fingerprints, or any other trusted family member. This unit has battery backup for operation even in a power outage and can be yours for our monthly special rate of ONLY $299.95!





Another of our featured handgun safes is more of a portable pistol safe fingerprint model. It is the MicroVault Biometric safe. This small compact biometric safe is as small and compact as they come. It is secure yet is small enough to be safely carried and stored in your vehicle, suitcase, briefcase or book bag. It is lightweight, but still packs a punch. The outside shell is made from rugged 18 gauge steel yet the soft foam interior keeps your guns or other valuables safe and sound. Its high strength lock performs reliably for many years and because of special precise fitting, this safe is virtually impossible to pry open, and has a built in block for people who try to use their own fingerprints to get into it. If it is ever tampered with, there is an indicator which alerts you. This product sells will not get any cheaper than our current price of ONLY $214.95.


Our Final featured biometric handgun safe is more of a portable pistol safe fingerprint model. It is the GunVault Mini Biometric safe. This save utilizes GunVault's self-learning algorithm minutiae to the fingerprint sensor, which decreases the likelihood of a false acceptance rate and updates according to the slight changes that happen over time to your fingerprints. The updated sensor also helps to distinguish variations between the permissable fingerprints. The system handles up to thirty different fingerprints so other responsible adults can have access to your handgun. The GunVault Mini and Multi safes feature an audio and a low battery LED warning light to help you keep your safe ready for action. The interior courtesy light helps you get a secure grip on your handgun when the moment comes. Today the Gunvault Mini is ONLY $279.95

These are the three highest quality biometric handgun safes available on the market today. Pistol safe fingerprint products are sold through a variety of retailers, but you will never find anyone who will do more for the customer than If you are new to buying handgun safes, you have found the right place. We offer only the finest products from brands such as GunVault. Click on individual products to view their individual features, pros and cons, as well as prices.

One important thing to understand about buying safes, whether they are pistol safe fingerprint ones, large stand alone models, or even portable handgun safes, fingerprint safes are going to cost a little more in general. Don't try to buy cheap products, because this will only mean that they are made from thinner metal, the fingerprint scanner may not be state of the art, or the fire and theft resistance rating is going to be much lower than more expensive models. You get what you pay for, so you always want to get the best you can afford. That's why we give you the most bang for your buck. is The Place for Biometric Pistol Safes

  • High Strength Locking Mechanisms
  • Battery Powered Safes
  • Program Multiple Fingerprints
  • Built in Tamper Indicators and Blocks

GunVault Mini Standard

GV1000C - STD - GunVault Mini Standard


GunVault Mini Deluxe

GV1000C - DLX - GunVault Mini Deluxe


GunVault Multi Safe Standard

GV2000C - STD - GunVault Multi Safe Standard


GunVault Multi Safe Deluxe

GV2000C - DLX - GunVault Multi Safe Deluxe



Whether you are looking for a bedside handgun safe or a pistol safe to mount elsewhere in your home, you can benefit from biometric handgun safes. Biometric safes use your fingerprint to unlock. Instead of having to deal with loosing or fumbling for keys or trying to remember and enter your key code in an emergency all you have to do is press your finger against the reader and the door springs open.

A bedside biometric handgun safe is peace of mind. When using a handgun safe kept somewhere easily accessible such as at your bedside you want to know that another family member can't accidentally, or even purposefully open the safe. Many children are killed each year because they were able to access a pistol safe that wasn't secure. Without any keys to lose or get stolen and no combination to fall into the wrong hands you can rest assured that nobody will be able to get into your biometric handgun safe except you.

Another nice thing about using biometric handgun safes is the safe itself is less likely to be stolen in case of a break in due to the fact that burglars don't like to have to take the time to tamper with it as only your fingerprints can open the safe. This can prevent your weapons or other valuables from falling into the hands of criminals and used for more serious crimes, or your personal information used for identity theft.

We're all getting older, and that means that we forget things a little easier than we used to. This includes having to remember passwords, security codes etc. Imagine all the different number sequences you have to keep in your head, social security, driver's license, home phone number and address, work and cell phone numbers, the list goes on. Why have to remember a pass code to get into your safe as well? There is no reason to have to add to that list. If you happen to have a beside hand gun safe, what about in the middle of the night when you are in panic mode. Sometimes it is hard to remember things in an everyday situations, what about a pistol safe you need to get into in the middle of the night, in the dark, under stress? Being able to just use your fingerprints could mean the difference between life or death.

With biometric hand gun safes you don't even have to worry about loosing access to your safe when the power goes out. These safes have a low battery indicator, and the batteries last for more than a year with normal use. There are optional rechargeable batteries so when the power is on it uses household current and when it is off your handgun safe will run off it's back up power source. When the power comes back on the power supply automatically recharges the internal battery.

When it comes to buying biometric handgun safes, there are a few things you should take into consideration. One of these is cost. With a biometric safe you are going to be paying more than an electric or simple electronic lock. They are a high quality product, but can still be affordable. There are some basic features that you should expect in these products. One of which is the ability for the safe to remember more than one set of fingerprints. You may not be home all the time, or in a position to access the safe, so your wife or other responsible family member should be able to access your weapons or documents when you aren't available.

Another important feature that you need to think about how easy it is to tamper with. The safe you buy should be constructed of at least 16 gauge steel and contain a fire resistant foam interior. Just because you are buying biometric handgun safe for security, that doesn't mean it shouldn't still have fire protection. Make sure that the door, hinges and other hardware are tamper proof as well. All GunVault products are manufactured and designed to the highest quality standards.

We have the best selection for bedside and vehicular handgun safes. With you can not only find a wide selection of permanent safe products that use fingerprint technology but also compact portable models that you can take with you, store in your home, or even in your vehicle or RV.

Because these biometric hand safes are heavy, you need to make sure that the company you choose to buy from offers free shipping in the US. We provide free shipping on all our handgun safes. You may have to pay a little extra for our high quality safes, but in the end it can be well worth it. When the safety of your family depends on it, it isn't something that you can leave to chance.

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